Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Phoebe's Photos

Phoebe's position on photos has changed a lot in her short lifetime!!

Back in the day, when she and Tom were living in D.C.'s workshop, she would pose for a picture and not be afraid at all.

We could get good pictures of her beautiful little face and she had no problem with that!!

We have good pictures of Phoebe, they just need to be cropped to get rid of all the junk in the workshop.

But, at some point before moving into the house, Phoebe started being wary of the camera and would start to run every time you pointed it at her.

Once they moved into the house, she still couldn't make up her mind whether to stay or go when it was picture-taking time.

We got a lot of snaps of her backside just leaving.

And, we got a lot of pictures of the back of her head. (Good picture of Thomas, though!!)

You never know when she might just turn around and leave.

And, this one looks like she is about to decide to leave!!

We are following Daisy the Curly Cat's advice to use lots of treats for photo time. Now, we just have to wait for Phoebe to decide it's a good idea, too!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Our First Meme

Grrreta tagged us for the Six Unspectacular Quirks Meme. We've seen other cats do this, but we're just guessing our way along here, so bear with us.

Meme Rules:
*Link to the one who tagged you.
*List the rules on your blog.
*Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
*Tag 4 more bloggers.

1. Thomas has a funny quirk when he comes in the house. He always rolls on the driveway first (Crazy Lady says that's so he'll be sure to bring in lots of pollen and dirt!), then he walks around the post to the bird house that sits right outside the door, then he winds between the legs of the table that sits beside the door, then he comes inside. Crazy Lady sometimes complains that that is too much of a production when she's in a hurry.

2. Phoebe sometimes roams the house in the middle of the night moaning. Behind her back, we call her Moaning Myrtle!! She starts off in the playroom (farthest place away from the master bedroom), then she works her way through the house just softly meowing. When she gets to the bottom of the stairs, Crazy Lady calls out to her and says, "We're all up here. Come join us." Then Phoebe meows her way up the stairs and gets in bed and Crazy Lady scritches her for a while and everything is okay.

3. Trixie likes to sleep on noisy things. We suspect it may be because she was all by herself in a parking lot for at least a couple of days, maybe longer, when she was 6 weeks old. That's where Crazy Lady found her. Anyway, she loves to sleep on crinkly paper or a good ole noisy plastic bag. Maybe that was to warn her if anything got too close.

4. Thomas is often called Kramer around here. Do you remember how Kramer on the Seinfeld Show used to come bungling into a room all crazy and loud and then would just stop and look around. Well, that's Tom when he runs upstairs and jumps on the bed with Crazy Lady and D.C.

5. Phoebe really hates to have the flea treatment put on her neck!!! You would think it was 4 gallons, not 4 drops and that it burned like heck. She puts up such a fight and then stays away from everybody for days afterwards.

6. Trixie talks ALL THE TIME!!! Thomas and Phoebe used to be very quiet cats until Trixie came along and now they talk a lot, too. Just to get a word in occasionally! D.C. says that Trixie talks almost as much as Crazy Lady (which Crazy Lady doesn't think is very funny).

We are tagging Daisy The Curly Cat, Jasper McKitten-Cat, Dennis Loves You and Poppy Q to do this meme next because we would like to learn more about them.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Terrifying Tuesday

Phoebe: I'm terrified of cameras!! Crazy Lady wants to get some pix of me to put on the blog, but I won't stay still for a good one. Daisy the Curly Cat has instructed C.L. to use plenty of treats to get good photos, so treats were brought out.

This one needed a flash (and a steadier hand).

The flash made me run away in order to save my life!!!

I went to my favorite chair - you can see all the lovely cat hairs that I have stored up there!! And, you can see the treats that Crazy Lady tried to bribe me with. What you don't see is - ME!!!

But, Trixie came in to clean up - the treats, not the cat hair.

That made Trixie a very smug little cat!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Teapot

Trixie: Crazy Lady is getting ready for Hazleruthe's Show Me Wednesday next week featuring teapots. Well, I decided to play a game with her and made it very hard for her to take a picture of the teapot without me in it. I finally gave in and let her get the picture, but I think I look so cute in the pictures that I thought I would show you all.

I think I'll jump in here.

I'm a teapot expert!!!

Well, losing interest now!

I think I'll go have some fun somewhere else.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Crazy Lady Is A Stamper

Thomas: I don't think we've ever mentioned this before, but Crazy Lady is a rubber stamper. Yeah, she takes all kinds of rubber stamps and makes cards and things. She has a whole room that she calls her studio - that's actually our litter box room - but she enjoys going in there and playing with her stamps and inks and papers and ribbons, etc. She has lots of cat stamps that she bought to make cards that look like us, but she doesn't use them very much. Anyway, on Saturday her stamp club met and they learned how to make hand-carved stamps. Crazy Lady is not very good at it, but Betty Ann, the lady who taught the class, is very talented. Here are a few of the things that Crazy Lady stamped using Betty Ann's hand-carved stamps:

We love this kitty stamp. C.L. plans to make it into a card.

The rabbit is cute - just not as cute as a cat!!!

The bird sure looks tasty!!

Finally, here's the stamp that Crazy Lady carved. Not much, but it's a beginning.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We Have Photos

Tom loves to lay across the arm of a chair to be beat upon, but he doesn't like holding still long enough to get a clear photo.

Trixie loves to hide in bags, boxes, any kind of confined space.

Then she loves to make a grand entrance!!!

This is a plant stand (shaped like Nancy the spider) that Crazy Lady got for her birthday last week. Tom thought Trixie looked good in jail.

And. . . . . Phoebe hid outside until all photography was finished!!! We'll get you tomorrow Phoebes!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I aspire to be as good as Daisy the Curly Cat, but I just can't get the hang of a costume!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Not So Bad

Well, they came home again!!! They were gone for 28 hours, 36 minutes and 44 seconds - but we weren't counting. It wasn't too bad here without them. Tom and Trixie spent most of the time in Crazy Lady and D.C.'s bed and Phoebe stayed downstairs - by herself, which is what she has started doing a lot lately. We think it's because she got so mad the last time Crazy Lady put flea stuff on her neck (about 4 whole drops!!!). Anyway, they were upstairs in the bed about a week ago when Crazy Lady did it and Phoebe has refused to go upstairs ever since. That cat needs to release some of her issues to the Universe!
So everybody's home now and they're cooking steaks on the grill tonight. We won't be getting any of the steak, but that doesn't really bother us. We're not really steak kind of cats. We would rather have some tuna or maybe some cat treats. We don't do people food at all and don't miss it.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Bags Are Packed. . . .AGAIN!!!!!

Thomas, Phoebe and Trixie: Please, please. . . can somebody help us??? Those black bags are at the door again and not only are Crazy Lady and D.C. going, but I heard them say that they're taking the Big Boy, too!!! And, they mentioned something about being gone for 36 hours!!!! Oh, the Humanity!!! Please send reinforcements!! Please send food!! Please send someone to scritch us!! This may be the last you hear from us. God Bless our Souls. . . . .oh, and God Bless the U.S.A., too!!!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Truth in advertising:

Where's Trixie?

There she is!!!!
Well, it said "Cat" - didn't it???