Thursday, June 26, 2008

Helping Those In Need

eBay Auction benefitting the Cedar Rapids Animal Shelter which is housing a huge number of evacuated companion animals from the Iowa floods. Please check it out. There are some great things to buy, and 100% of the proceeds (even eBay is waiving fees!) go to the shelter.

We would like for everyone to look at these auctions to see if there is something that you can buy for your beans that would make them happy and would help all the poor animals in the shelter in Cedar Rapids.

:o) Thomas, Phoebe and Trixie

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh, Ye Of Too Much Faith

For those of you who have contacted me and said that you didn't think that Trixie would get up on the shelf. . . . . . well, think again!!!!

She got on the shelf, sniffed around for a little while and then jumped down without upsetting anything on the bookcase!!! Way to go Trixie!! We wish you were always that careful.

Almost Wordless Wednesday



Monday, June 23, 2008

Right On His Head . . . . .

Thomas: Last night I was minding my own business, trying to get to sleep, when I decided to curl up around D.C.'s head like Phoebe does sometimes. Well, I had gotten all comfortable wrapped around his head when Phoebe saw me and decided that she should be up there. Crazy Lady saw what was going on and is familiar with the fact that Phoebe and I occasionally get into. . . . well, cat fights. She picked up Phoebe and moved her back to the foot of the bed. But, nothing would satisfy that cat but that she be up there on D.C.'s pillow and be the Head Cat!!!!! (I thought that up myself! LOL) Anyway, Phoebe kept climbing back up to his pillow and Crazy Lady kept putting her back down. Then Crazy Lady got tickled thinking what it would be like for us to really go at it right on top of D.C.'s head with him asleep. The more she thought about it, the more she laughed. She almost woke him up just laughing at us!!! She told us later that if she had had the camera upstairs with her, she would have taken lots of pictures. I bet she sneaks it upstairs tonight just in case we go at it again. These beans take pictures of the most unusual things!!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We're In The Cat House Now

Phoebe: Thomas and I are in the cat house!!! (Note: Thomas insists that a cat house and a dog house are NOT the same thing, but I don't care. We're cats, so we're in the cat house!) Anyway, night before last I didn't come in. Crazy Lady called and called. I even walked right past her one time, but not close enough so that she could grab me. I just felt like staying out all night. I'm not saying what I did out there all night, but I'm not a terribly brave cat, so most of the night was spent in the shrubbery. I just have to assert my independence every once in a while. I sure was glad to get in the house the next morning and cool off and get a chance to sleep where I didn't have to keep an eye out for big scary ole things coming after me. Crazy Lady kept saying things like "What will people think", "They'll assume you're a loose cat", "You're becoming a hussy-cat!!". Who cares? Then last night, Thomas was a copy cat and did the same thing. I came in at dark just like we're supposed to, but Thomas just wouldn't come in. Now, Crazy Lady says that she's going to start keeping us in after 3pm everyday so that we don't get a chance to stay out all night. I think dumb ole Thomas should have waited a while before he took his night out and she wouldn't have been quite so mad!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tom's Going To His Office

Thomas: The first thing I do every morning as soon as I'm let out is head down the driveway, cross the street (look both ways first) and go down Mr. and Mrs. P's driveway across the street.
My family could not figure what the great attraction was over there, but I continued to go just like clockwork!!
Finally, one day DC was out at the mailbox at the same time as Mr. P. and so he asked what was over there that kept me going back. Mr. P. said that there is a bird feeder and that 2 or 3 cats hung around hoping to get a bird. "But," he said, "don't worry - Tom has never caught anything and probably won't."
Well, DC came home somewhat affronted and when Crazy Lady asked him why, his response was, "Mr. P. just dissed my cat!!!" He mentioned it several times over the next few days and seemed to be stewing about the fact that a neighbor had a low opinion of my hunting abilibies.
About a week later, I came home one afternoon and stood at the door with a bird in my mouth. When DC opened the door to let me in, he immediately made me drop the bird and it promptly flew away. I hadn't hurt the bird, I was just bringing it home to show DC and, hopefully, raise his spirits some.
Then DC started looking out the front window a lot and I wasn't sure what was on his mind, but I found out several days later when he looked out the window and said, "Mr. P. is out in his yard. I think I'll go talk a minute." He went straight across the street and told Mr. P. all about me coming home with the bird. At last, DC's cat was saved from a life of shame and being dissed by the neighbors!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Runaway

Trixie: Well, I got out into the wide open spaces today. Crazy Lady was in the backyard planting flowers and D.C. was helping. Big Boy put in an appearance and wanted me to come outside with them. C.L. insisted that he be responsible for keeping tabs on me and also for getting me back in the house when it was time to go in. Sure, no problemo!!! First, I explored the flower beds, then the grass and, when that got too tame, I went to the woods and tried to get through a hole in the fence. I found myself in the next-door-neighbors' yard and was about to do some major exploring when B.B. came and got me. Back in my own yard, I decided that I needed to go into the front yard, so off I trot around the corner of the house with B.B. following behind. He finally got me and brought me back to the backyard and, wonder of wonders, he put me down and let me go. C.L. said that he'd never get me back, but he was sure that he would. So, I prance off again in the direction of the front yard. B.B. followed once again to bring me back. Now, you have to know that we're having unusually hot weather right now. It is Africa hot and so muggy that it's hard to breathe. Well, after I had circled the house, I came back into the backyard from the other side of the house. I went into the courtyard and threw myself against the storm door like a dying cat. I was so hot I couldn't stand it anymore. I was hollering and slamming against the door. . . .Please let me in!!!!! So, Crazy Lady let me in and I dropped down on the breakfast room tiles and died for a while. By the time B.B. came back around and said that he couldn't find me anywhere, C.L. and D.C. were laughing and telling him all about my act. I didn't think it was so funny to make fun of a burning up kitteh, but they have strange ideas about what's funny!!